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Email: sales@miniveyor.com?subject=Info Request from miniveyor.com
Email: sales@miniveyor.com?subject=Info Request from miniveyor.com
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The Miniveyor™ family of portable conveyors represents one of the most powerful and flexible solutions for the rapid deployment of a temporary dirt conveyor system. The portable Miniveyor™ is available in 40 (15 inch) and 52 cm (20”) widths and can move up to 20 tonnes per hour. Only 20 cm (8”) high and capable of lying on the ground, it can be utilised to excavate below ground, through windows or in other confined spaces. And that’s not all Miniveyor™ mini conveyors do not leave a footprint so they are ideal for landscaping and archaeology. With an aircraft grade aluminium frame and a stainless steel slider bed , the Miniveyor™ is built to last. These are the only units in their class that have reversible belts and composite filled cores to add strength whilst saving weight.
Clearing dirt or debris from an area can be a time-consuming process if you are not equipped with the right tools. Even with a solid group of workers equipped with wheelbarrows, even small jobs can take a number of hours. Fortunately, with the use of dirt conveyors, such as those we manufacture at Miniveyor Products, work time can be greatly reduced, while also practically eliminating the risk of labour injuries.
Miniveyor Products have revolutionized the industry with the creation of our portable Miniveyor™ in the early 90’s. The Miniveyor™ is a versatile confined access construction tool that can be used in a multitude of work applications, including building maintenance, construction, debris removal, and refurbishment projects. Measuring no more than three meters in length, the Miniveyor™ is light enough for a single individual to carry, making it extremely manoeuvrable, no matter the location.
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Each Miniveyor™ can be handled by 2 people with ease. Compact design makes loading easy and the units are designed to stack. NO special vehicle is needed for transport.
Miniveyor™ is EASY to
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